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The G7 Russian Diamond Bombshell Holiday Gift

The G7 Russian Diamond Bombshell - Analysis by Edahn Golan photo-Erik Mclean

The G7 Russian diamond sanction bombshell includes new regulations, some unimplementable, many unclear. A Russian diamonds sanction primer. While the G7 Russian diamond sanctions are important, the proposed framework unfortunately suffers from a lack of clarity, too many open-ended issues, and concerns over the viability of the implementations.


Diamond Analytics Forecast: When Will Lab-Grown Diamond Sales Be the Majority?

When Will Lab-Grown Sales Be the Majority - Diamond Analytics Forecast by Edahn Golan Photo Manuel Navarro

At some point, more lab-grown diamonds will be sold than naturals. Natural diamonds are a finite resource, and over time, their supply will dwindle. Lab-grown diamonds are factory made, and the raw materials for producing them are nearly infinite. Lab-grown diamonds sales will eventually outpace naturals. The question is not if but when this will happen.

Lockdown-Free Gen Z Spent Nearly 4 Times More on Jewelry in 2021

Lockdown-Free Gen Z Spent Nearly 4 Times More on Jewelry in 2021 - jewelry market analysis Edahn Golan

Post COVID, Gen Zs nearly quadrupled their spend on jewelry in 2021. Those residing outside urban areas and, for the first time, Americans that identify as Asians, were top spenders on jewelry in 2021. These three demographics shaped jewelry demand across the US.

Jewelry Demand Sinks 11% in October, But Do Not Fret!

Jewelry Demand Sinks, But Do Not Fret - Edahn Golan featured image Elena Taranenko

The annual forecast with the monthly analysis: Most jewelry retail sales figures were in the red in October on a year-over-year basis. However, US jewelry demand is still relatively high, reflecting ongoing elevated consumer interest in the category.


The Lab-Grown Diamond Contradiction

Lab-grown diamond contradiction - analysis Edahn Golan photo Lachlan-Donald

The lab-grown diamond contradiction. Demand is rising, but prices are falling. They are hot in the US, but not sweeping the rest of the world. It’s a technologically-driven product catering to a young crowd and striving to follow in the footsteps of a centuries-old product, while enthusiastically adopting many of its ills.

These are the issues, with figures and findings that support this view.

How Much Jewelry was Sold? A Massive $11.5B Less Then Believed

How Much Jewelry was Sold A Massive $11.5 Billion Less Then Believed - Edahn Golan

How much jewelry sold in the US is a crucial question. It impacts planning and financing. Revised US government estimates just shaved off $11.5 billion worth of sales. No small matter. Here are the figures, plus a forecast for 2022.


De Beers and ALROSA Market Share 2021

De Beers 2021 Market Share Rises Edahn Golan analysis - Photo by Albert Hyseni

The major diamond-mining companies increased their market share in 2021. The sole exception was Rio Tinto, which closed Argyle. This year, it is ALROSA that is expected to lose market share. Although rough diamond supply to the market decreased in volume compared to 2019, total value increased.