Edahn Golan Diamond Research and Data

Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data Ltd was formed to provide research analysis and consultancy services for the global diamond industry.

Our sphere of activities ranges from in-depth data analysis based on our own detailed data, research of the diamond mining, wholesale and retail markets, rough and polished price analysis and more.

Edahn Golan is a veteran of the diamond industry, researching and writing about it since 2001. He specializes in a wide range of topics relating to this unique industry, including the way it operates, wholesale and retail polished diamond prices, the rough diamond sector of the diamond pipeline and investment in diamonds.

Edahn has written extensively about these subjects and many others, including the Kimberley Process (KP), financing issues, ethics and changes in the way the diamond industry has operated over the years.

Prior to founding Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data, Edahn joined the IDEX Online Group to form the news and research department of its newly launched website.

Under his management, the department grew to become a leading source of industry news, company analysis, opinion columns and polished and rough diamond trend market reports for the global diamond industry, as well as the premier source of diamond industry research.

Over the years, Edahn has advised leading diamond firms, industry bodies, investment companies and governmental agencies, writing research papers on topics ranging from provenance analysis of fancy color diamonds and the diamond’s contribution to local economies to the viability of investment in diamonds.

This effort has included performing the backend analysis or authoring the diamond market overview section for consulting firms such as KPMG, Bain & Co, and AT Kearny, as well as for financial and investment firms.

He holds a BA from San Francisco State University in Broadcast Communication Arts.