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De Beers and ALROSA Market Share 2021

De Beers 2021 Market Share Rises Edahn Golan analysis - Photo by Albert Hyseni

The major diamond-mining companies increased their market share in 2021. The sole exception was Rio Tinto, which closed Argyle. This year, it is ALROSA that is expected to lose market share. Although rough diamond supply to the market decreased in volume compared to 2019, total value increased.


Global Diamond Production +12% in 2021 – But Really Declining

Global Diamond Production +12% in 2021 – But Really Declining - Edahn Golan

Global diamond production increased 12% to 120 million carats in 2021. And yet, last year’s production fell short compared to 2019 and was one of the lowest production levels in more than a decade. There are reliable reports of smuggling out of some diamond-mining countries.


Lab Grown: All Fears Materialized

Lab Grown: All Fears Materialized - Edahn Golan Diamond market analysis

In 2018, De Beers launched Lightbox Jewelry, a lab-grown-set jewelry collection with an unstated primary goal of disrupting the lab-grown market through devaluation and separation. Divide and conquer is an age-old battle strategy, but in this case, it didn’t work as well as hoped for. Surprisingly, not only is the natural diamond industry seeing its fears materialize. So also is the lab-grown industry. Following is the sum of all their fears.


Brace Yourself, The Decline is Here

Brace Yourself The Decline is Here - Edahn Golan

After two very buoyant years, the softening everyone knew would hit has finally arrived. It’s not just the slowdown in China, the second largest consumer market, but the US is feeling it as well.

US Holiday Jewelry Sales Predicted to Rise 40%

US Holiday Jewelry Sales Predicted to Rise - Edahn Golan

Based on our market analysis, we predict US holiday jewelry sales to rise of 40-42% in the November-December holiday period. Annual jewelry sales are expected to total $94-$95.3 billion in 2021, rising 51%-53% year over year.

Spending on Jewelry: Almost All Spent More

For jewelry, 2020 was outstanding in what was otherwise a very miserable year. US spending on jewelry leaped 10% to $475 per household.

In 2020, the average US household purchased $475 worth of jewelry, up 9.8%, an outstanding outcome of an otherwise very miserable year. This is how much Americans spend on jewelry during the COVID era.


The LGD Price Anomaly: Demand Rises, Prices Decline

The LGD Price Anomaly Demand Rises Prices Decline - Edahn Golan analysis photo-margot-richard

There is an anomaly in lab-grown prices. Demand is high but prices are declining, especially for larger goods in demand for the bridal industry. Here are the dynamics, prices, retail details and changes in demand. Plus, what the actual price gap is between natural and LG: a diamond market analytics review.