Cut the Complexity with High Precision Diamond Intelligence

Diamond Market Analytics

Our services provide you with remarkable inroads to trends with market reports about the entire diamond pipeline – from mining to retail – to answer your specific needs and goals. Discover how the market really works. Our reports include insights to market forces, their inter-connected influences and specific details and figures about each section of the diamond pipeline from mining to consumer trends, handing you the data you need to make informed decisions.

Rough, Polished, and Diamond Jewelry Research

We provide investment firms and diamond veterans with a wide range of price analysis services based on high quality, primary researched data. This includes changes and trends in rough diamond prices and their premiums in the secondary market; analysis of loose polished diamonds; and retail sales insights and demands.

Project Support Services

Companies interested in providing diamond firms with various services often find that the uniqueness of the diamond industry and the way it operates makes penetration very difficult. Our deep familiarity with the diamond industry helps remove these roadblocks, providing you with access to the people and information you need to succeed with your projects.

Lab-Grown Diamond Data Services

We collect wholesale transaction prices of lab-grown diamonds (LGD), granular LGD jewelry retail activity, and consumer demand data. We also publish a quarterly transaction-based LGD price list.

Net Asset Value Reports

We write NAV analysis reports for investment portfolios that improve investors understanding of their holdings by providing the economic background to the inner activities of the diamond pipeline. Our reports then provide a clear view about portfolios behavior.

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