Webinar: Diamonds in the Age of COVID-19

April 2020 webinar - Diamonds in the Age of COVID-19 featured image
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The diamond market, from mining to retail, has changed dramatically under COVID-19. In a webinar given with AWDC, current diamond market dynamics, needed steps, a glimpse into the future, and our poll results were discussed. We covered a lot of ground.

Some of the topics touched on during the webinar include:

  • Spending on luxury, how it differs from expenditure on lower-cost items, and how it all plays out in these times
  • The impact of unemployment on spending and weddings
  • How to assess online diamond trading platforms
  • The uproar over the Rap list
  • The direction rough and polished diamond prices are going (not as feared)
  • The urgent need for diamond traders to switch from discount-based pricing to dollars
  • Inventory: sell at low prices or hold on until prices recover. Or the importance of cash flow
  • Should independent retailers add an online presence, and if so, what should a retailer keep in mind? An examination of online dynamics and lessons from other industries
  • Diamonds vs LGD: Which will emerge stronger after the COVID-19 crisis is over?
  • What role will the DPA play, and will it rise to the occasion?
  • What should the diamond industry’s marketing narrative be during and after the COVID-19 era and some thoughts on what form it should take
  • By how much did rough prices really fall?
  • Are the banks nervous about the diamond industry, and what is the meaning of being leveraged during a major economic crisis?
  • Government support, and lack thereof, around the world

AWDC Webinar – Diamond Market Q&A with Edahn Golan

The surprising results of our polls

An audio-only version of the webinar:

Or download the audio-only MP3 file here.

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